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Bitcoin Ends the Week on a Positive Note, as Expected

It’s been a week since we first looked at BTX from a geometric perspective, and determined that the long term trend would likely be up for at least the next few months.  We ended the week ~ $25 per bitcoin, higher. So far so good.

At this point, I want to look at the chart from a shorter time-frame and begin to get a finer-tuned picture so that we might get a better idea of how we might time our trades. So let’s look at an 8-hour chart.   The rise from May to June was relentless, so we can scarcely avoid using a larger than normal setup.  In this case, almost 89 bars.

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Why Serious Investors Need Bitcoin in Their Portfolios

Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of positive media attention over the past few weeks. Investors are looking at cryptocurrency as a valuable portfolio diversification method. In fact, bitcoin should be in everybody’s portfolio, according to some experts.

Bitcoin offers some exciting traits that other investments do not. In these days of financial turmoil and crashing stock markets, investors are looking for safe havens. Even though bitcoin is not a safe haven in the traditional meaning, cryptocurrency belongs in everybody’s portfolio.

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